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Amc Annual Maintenance Contracts

  • Weighbridge AMC.
  • Small scale AMC.
  • Automation AMC.
  • With Spares / Without Spares option available.
  • Bi-yearly Service options available.
  • With Stamping / Without Stamping options available.

On Call Paid Services

  • On Call preventive services to check & calibrate the machine .we can change only servicing charges.
  • Break down services- We can change service change as well as spare changes.
  • Calibration & certification services for ISO & other requirement- We can change service change as well as certification charges.

Consultancy Services

  • Only Stamping services we provide on consultancy basis.
  • We provide any complex weighing automation solution on charge basis.
  • We may provide weighing service solution on charge basis.
  • Visit charge may Claim.

Spares Trading

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