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Weighbridge eaglescale

Intelligent Terminal System


EAGLE Intellegent Terminal model ESMW 1245(Eagle Scale Mfg. Works) is a computer speciality designed for weighbridge applications , and it is used at weighbridges for printing Weighment slips and generating Weighment reports.

More Details for Intelligent Terminal System :

  • Features
  • Standard Software Features
  • Sleek Table top design - Easy to Operate
  • Auto Zero Tracking
  • IBM Compatible Keyboard
  • Option for USB port for data potability through pen drive
  • Option for alphanumerical LCD,Graphic LCD,VFD and LED displays
  • Power supply suitable for large variation in input voltage
  • Serial RS232/RS485 port for connect to Computer,Remote Display
  • Integrated data processing facility
  • High Memory Storage
  • User defined application like charge collection and reporting of charge collected,operator account,boom barrier controls
Operating Method : Operator Prompting & Menu Based User Friendly operating
Number of Records (Storage) : 5000 Completed/Incomplete Transactions. (In Standard Configuration)
Type of Reports : Date-wise/Truck-Wise Complete/In-complete Weighment.
Format of Report : Serial No./Key No., Truck No., Gross Weight, Tare Weight, Net Weight and Material Etc.
Weighment Slip Details : Weighment Slip Contains Serial No., Key No., Truck No., Material/Party Name, Date, Time,
  Gross/Tare/Net Weight Etc. # Mino Customization can be undertaken
Re-Print Facility : Duplicate Slip can be printed
Manual Tare Entry : Available